A small, sustainable farm in southeastern Chatham County
    Judy Hogan, Farmer
7598 Moncure-Pittsboro Rd.
Moncure, NC 27559-0253
(919) 545-9932

Member: Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

On my very small farm I’m interested in self-sufficiency, growing as much of my own healthy, organic food as possible, and then sharing extras with others.  I farm with shovel, hoe, rake, wheelbarrow, pruning shears.  Extra food (fruit, eggs, herbs) I sell from the farm (by appointment).
    I sell eggs to Angelina's Kitchen and figs to Chatham Marketplace, both in Pittsboro.
From the farm for individuals:

Fresh Brown Organic Eggs from White Rock hens who range freely into the orchard, their diet organic grains, (Reedy Fork in Elon) supplemented with weeds for Omega 3, kitchen scraps, and what they forage.  No antibiotics or hormones.     Year round except during their winter molting.            $5/dozen
Fresh cut herbs and herb transplants with specialty of Self-Heal (medicinal, for colds, coughs)
Fresh Italian Honey and Celeste/Brown Turkey figs (July-October)
Carolina and Georgia Belle white-fleshed peaches (July as available)
Kieffer Pear (a hard, cooking pear)    (September as available)
Organically grown muscadine, peach, pear, fig jelly/preserves/jam $4/ half pint; $6/ pint.

Heal the Planet whole grain (complete protein) bread.  1-1/2 lbs.        $7.00
Selected sweet breads, both yeast and quick, containing rye + soy=complete protein (by special order only)
        Cinnamon bread        $8    Cinnamon rolls, 3 large for     $5.00

To buy bread, jam, or eggs in winter, pre-pay and pre-order for Pittsboro pick-up by arrangement or pay cash at farm.
judyhogan@mindspring.com            919-545-9932

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