Judy Hogan, portrait, copyright Anne Kessler Shields, 1991-92
Judy Hogan, poet and publisher portrait by Anne Kesler Shields, 1991-1992. Part of a larger painting, entitled, "WOMEN OF LETTERS: A Group Portrait of NC Writers"

Eight  mysteries out as of Mar 1, 2018. Tomentil Hall.  See Mysteries for news on The other seven mysteries. 
See Poetry for word about Those Eternally linked Lives, a poetry book from Big Table Publishing in Massachusets,. Early in  2018.

Judy Hogan
Poet, Writer, Thinker

When human beings are involved, you can always do something. There is always hope for change.
--Welford Wilson
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Tormentil Hall is like a visit with an old friend. Penny, Kenneth, Derek and Sammie Hargrave, are drawn into a murder when a fellow guest is found dead and Derek is arrested. Penny and Sammie work to find the real murderer. Well-developed, familiar characters, with new and interesting ones, lead the reader, clue by clue, to the solution. Vivid descriptions of Gower, fascinating historical anecdotes transport the reader to Wales.
    –Pat Dawson, owner of Paperbacks Plus, Siler City, NC
  • Judy Hogan will be teaching creative writing in the winter of 2018--Jan-Mar...See Classes for details.

Links: NC Writer's Network, NC WARN, Duke Library, Carolina Wren Press, Postmenopausalzest, Mainly Murder PressWild Embers Press, Finishing Line Press

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