Judy Hogan, portrait, copyright Anne Kessler Shields, 1991-92

Judy Hogan, poet and publisher portrait by Anne Kesler Shields, 1991-1992. Part of a larger painting, entitled, "WOMEN OF LETTERS: A Group Portrait of NC Writers"

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Judy Hogan will be teaching creative writing in the winter of 2019--Jan-Mar. See Classes for details.


Nine mysteries out Nov 5, The Death of a Hell-Razor: the Ninth Penny Weaver Mystery.

– See Mysteries for news on all nine.

– See Poetry for news about Those Eternally Linked Lives, a new poetry book from Big Table Publishing in Massachusetts, January 15, 2018.

Grace: A China Diary, 1910-16 came out April 2017 from Wipf and Stock Publishers.

Judy Hogan
Poet, Writer, Thinker

"When human beings are involved, you can always do something. There is always hope for change."
    – Welford Wilson

The First Memoir about Judy's Russian Experiences
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Baba Summer, Part I (520 pages) is a memoir by writer Judy Hogan of her first visit in August 1990 to Soviet Russia as part of a Durham, NC Sister Cities Writing Exchange with the Writers Organization of Kostroma, a city which had been closed to Americans during the Cold War. In diary, and letters with her new Russian friends, she shares her experience, not only of falling in love with her partner in the exchange, Mikhail Bazankov, but also of many other new bonds she made with Russians: a nationally known painter, a school teacher, a proofreader for the Copyright Agency, and a student of philosophy. Hogan learned to speak, read, and write Russian so as to enhance communication with her new friends. The exchanges and their mutual projects continued through 2001, and Hogan anticipates another three volumes of diary, narrative, letters, and poetry. She names the twelve years of her intensive experience with Russians as the most important event of her eighty-one years. This book begins in August 1990 and ends in June 1992.

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