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"Hogan has been proving her ability for keen observation up to this point and continues to do so. Her descriptions bring the Haw River environment to life, puts us there to smell the clean-scented though muddy water and see the wildlife that comes near her as she sits, day after day, on the rock near the beaver dam in Saxapahaw as she writes except when it rains. Within a few feet of her, geese swim, fish leap, large turtles surface to glance her way. This spell she casts is magical and comes from her strong sense of wonder, kindled by her close attention to this place.

Metaphors abound, the most basic the river as the current of feelings between her and this man. The river also stands for feeling at one with him. Both know rivers - he the Volga that flows through his city. Both rivers eventually reach the Atlantic Ocean. "We are hinged by ocean," she writes. Finally, she identifies herself with the river. "I am a river. I must do what the river does, move on and on. I must love my banks."

This work also testifies to Hogan's fierce dedication to the practice of her gift for writing - a daily practice for well over 40 years that has resulted in a large body of work: journals, poetry, non-fiction, fiction. Publications include books of poetry as well as two mysteries. In This River, she writes of what it takes to keep writing: "It means giving close attention, making an extra effort every single day." This means making choices. "We must choose carefully every day, balance within ourselves and within the day our needs, the needs of others, our most urgent tasks, and what we will let flow past us, never to return." Her example and this advice could also inspire others to express their own voices, their unique gifts, while they still can for the river of time stops for no one." - Susan Broili, The Herald-Sun


Phase I. July 1997 -January 1998

Judy Hogan and Mikhail Bazankov worked together on a project planned since 1995, when Glyn Folk of Inkspot in Carrboro offered printing help, on a joint publishing venture so that the Kostroma Writers' Organization could continue its poetry book series. Bazankov wanted to do Judy's book, selections from Beaver Soul, first. Copies in Russian with a translation and the English originals are still available and have been used in raising money for the Kostroma Poetry Anthology project. Glyn Folk did all the printing for a 56-page Beaver Soul, saddle-stitched, except the cover. $675 was raised for this effort for some typesetting/printing, as well as $225 in postage costs to mail to Kostroma.

Phase II. Published Poetry Anthology of Kostroma Writers

The Kostroma Committee and the Sister Cities board approved the project to fund an anthology of poetry by Kostroma writers. Mikhail Bazankov edited a 256-page book, which included 46 different Kostroma region poets, with each one having a photo and biography. He did the gathering, illustrating, and editing. The book was typeset, printed, and distributed in Kostroma Region, with free copies to libraries, schools, institutions of higher learning. Judy Hogan raised $3000 through the Sister Cities organization, and notes that without the help of American friends this book would not have been possible. The printing was paid for by the Kostroma Writers' Organization.

The strategy was to offer the English and Russian versions of Beaver Soul in exchange for a donation of $10-up and anthology material in English for larger donations. Judy contacted her friends and supporters and raised an average of $30 each. We also received donations, monetary and in-kind, from The Ink Spot, Carrboro; Durham Herald Sun; The Independent [ad space which was used for Kostroma Painters Exchange], and the Regulator Bookshop.

This book is now well-distributed and well-regarded in the Kostroma Region, and has been ordered by U.S. University libraries.

Phase III. Anthology of North Carolina Poetry: The Earth and The Soul.

NOTE: This project is now published! See Earth and Soul: Anthology of North Carolina Poetry, published by Kostroma Writers Organization for details.

Mikhail Bazankov and Judy Hogan, as Project Directors, propose to publish a bi-lingual anthology of North Carolina poets on the theme of The Earth and the Soul. They will be Consulting Editors. Sharon Ewing, of Alexandria, VA, will be Editor-in-Chief. The editing and publishing work (getting the word out and raising money) will be assisted by members of Judy's poetry writing class during January-March 2000. All material will appear in both English and Russian, and in the Kostroma Region will be distributed free to libraries, schools, and institutions of higher education. Mikhail Bazankov will provide translators; Aleksei Bazankov will typeset and design the book.

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