Details on the making of the Earth and Soul: Anthology of North Carolina Poetry

Personnel to publish NC Anthology of Poetry in Russian/English

Judy Hogan. Project Director in N.C., liaison with Kostroma Writers' Organization, mostly by e-mail, some mail and phone. Consulting editor, teacher of class to work with assistant editors. See A Brief History of Durham-Kostroma Writers Exchanges for Judy's role with Kostroma in last decade. She speaks Russian and can assist also with translation work.

Mikhail Bazankov. Project Director in Kostroma and chair of Kostroma Writers' Organization. He has spearheaded these visit and publishing projects and wanted both Kostroma and N.C. to have anthologies of poetry published as a way of enhancing mutual understanding. (For more information, see Kostroma Writers' Organization web pages -- in Russian).

Aleksei Bazankov. Managing Editor. He earns his living, in addition to being a senior lecturer in History at Kostroma University, typesetting and designing books on computer. He serves as the e-mail contact in Kostroma Aleksei completed all the technical work on both Beaver Soul and the Kostroma Poetry Anthology.

Sharon Ewing. Editor-in-Chief. A published poet, Sharon has an MFA in Creative Writing from George Mason University, has taught writing at several D.C. area colleges and universities, including poetry workshops at George Mason, edited a collection of poems by nursing home residents, and conducted writing and poetry groups at senior centers. Sharon has been our source of D.C. area hospitality for all our incoming writer and painter visits (1991-98) from Kostroma, and she and her husband John were guests of Kostroma Writers' Organization in fall 1995. They read widely in Russian history and literature, and Sharon will be working with Judy and her class members in North Carolina. Sharon's article "Russia Revisited" was published in the Kostroma Writers' Organization Newspaper. Although they live in Alexandria, VA, they have a working relationship with the Kostroma/Durham Sister Cities Program.

Schedule for publishing NC Anthology of Poetry in Russian/English

June-July 1999 Approval from Kostroma Committee and Sister Cities board
June-Dec 1999 Publicize and receive manuscripts (anonymous submission -- see Guidelines) postmarked by Dec. 21, 99
Jan-Mar 2000 Editing poems and writing grant to NC Arts Council (Sister Cities will be the non-profit org requesting grant; we propose to match it with contributions and book sales)
Apr-Sept 2000 Translating, typesetting, design, printing in Kostroma
Fall 2000 Anthology in print
Durham reading & fund-raiser
Possible trip by Judy, Sharon, and other NC writers to Kostroma for celebration there

Donations towards publishing of NC Anthology

Sister Cities of Durham (Kostroma Committee) approved the NC Writers Poetry Anthology project in July 1999:

501-C-3 donations for the project may be made payable to Sister Cities of Durham and then disbursed to project. Mark checks "For Kostroma Book Publishing Project."

Inquiries and donations to:

Judy Hogan
PO Box 253
Moncure, NC 27559-0253
919-545-9932 (answering machine)

You will receive an acknowledgment of your gift for your records.

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